Taking a small step towards Christian Unity

“tell those who work for unity to look up at the skies; see how far they are from the earth? this is how far their hearts are from one another; this is how far they are apart; when will they all pass a decree by unanimous vote to celebrate the feast of Easter all in one date?

I am weary of hearing their noble language, perhaps it is suitable and eloquent for them but to Me it sounds like a stroke on a gong, because it is empty with emptiness; I have come to talk to them, first, out of concern, then out of pity, but no one yet to this day has lowered his voice to hear My Voice; “ December 21 1992

You can take a small step towards Christian Unity by signing the petition to unite the Dates of Easter at www.onedate.org that Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox would celebrate this Feast of Feasts all on One Date.

Why Vote to Celebrate Easter all in one date?
Simply, because as one Christian family we are divided on this matter and our division is a sin. When we cannot agree to celebrate the Feast of the Resurrection on the same day, how can we hope to be a sign of Peace and Unity to the world?

There is also a downloadable petition kit that you can take along to Unity Week events.

“How can we be credible in speaking of a God of love if we remain separate?” Brother Alois, prior of the ecumenical Taize community said in his meditation at a televised prayer service on 30 December 2007 at Geneva’s Palexpo exhibition centre.


What do we have to offer God?

Did you ever wonder what we, mere dust and ashes, can offer God? After all, He is All-Sufficient and Perfect and there is nothing that He lacks. Yet God is most pleased when we offer Him our heart.

Jesus says:

if you say: “what can we offer You now?” I tell you: “offer Me your heart, and I shall help your lack of faith, open your heart and I shall turn it into a heaven for Me, your God, and in which I can be glorified;

come and eat from the fruit I am offering you today while there is still time; come to Me; your Master is well on the road of return, this is why I am telling you: make peace with Me and be one in My Name;
(Feb 1, 1995)

Blessed be Your Holy Name Lord God. May our heart always belong to You and may we always thirst for union with You, Dear Beloved Father. Amen.

What is Jesus’ greatest desire?

I often wondered like many of us, “what would Jesus do, what would Jesus say”. In reading the True Life in God messages, Jesus tells us even more. He shares with us His greatest desire – and that is for His Holy Church to be One, and most precisely, as a first step towards Unity, Jesus tells us that His greatest wish is for the Church officials to unify the dates of Easter.

Jesus says:

Will I, brother, one more season go through the pain I have been going through year after year? or will you give Me rest this time? Am I going to drink one more season the Cup of your division? or will you rest My Body and unify, for My sake, the Feast of Easter? In unifying the date of Easter, you will alleviate My pain brother and you will rejoice in Me and I in you and I will have the sight of many restored.
(Oct 14, 1991)

Jesus says again:

dear friends, dear companions, dear brothers, there is not such love as Mine; what have you done with My Love? My brothers, be united by following the rules of My Heart which are Love and Humility; the things you think to unite are earthly things and they will not bring you to unity, they can do nothing and offer nothing; but many of you have become slaves of your minds; so long as you do not reconcile in humility with each other and love one another as I love you, your separation will remain, My children, must I go through the pain again this Easter season?
(March 27, 1992)

Glory to God forever. May Your Will always be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Amen.