Our Mother, the Queen of Heaven and Earth

Oh how much our Mother loves us! She cares for us more than any earthly mother and she can do for us more than anyone in the world. If we only turn to Her for help, She is always there for us to soothe our pains, to comfort us, to renew our spirit of joy and of love. She is our Mother, the Mother of God too, the Theotokos. She is also the Queen of Heaven, the Queen of all the angels of God. She is more powerful than all the forces of evil put together, and yet She is tender and loving, she is The Mother.

Jesus says:

do not weary of blessing your persecutors, do not weary of giving your back to the strikers; you may be sorrowful to the point of death, but the Queen is always nursing you back to joy and life; the Queen provides you with courage and comes and dresses your wounds with Her Maternal Love and Affection; your Mother is caring for you My child, like She has cared for Me; in your misery and distress She comes flying to you and takes you into Her Room, [note: Her Heart] that same Room of Her who conceived Me

Hail Mary, Our Blessed Mother. Blessed are You among all women! Pray for us oh Most Holy Mother of God. Amen.