Choose your path

Do you know what’s going on in the world?

Do you know that they’re giving away free gifts to anyone who goes on YouTube and posts a video of themselves denying the Holy Spirit? Why? Because an atheist radio show have set out to motivate people to speak out without fear against God, since He doesn’t exist anyways. And what’s the thing that people are most afraid of? Well, the only sin Jesus said is unforgivable – denying the Holy Spirit. Well, guess what? Hundreds of mostly young men and women have posted clips of themselves, nonchalantly denying the Holy Spirit. The rule is that you must use the words “I deny” when you do your clip. That means that all these young men and women are willingly, out of their own free will, denying the Holy Spirit. Their catch phrase is “do you have a soul you’re not using?” For the price of their young listeners’ souls the radio show is giving away DVDs of an atheist documentary which sets out to prove that God doesn’t exist.

This is the world we live in? Did you know what is happening out there?

You know what else is happening out there? There’s a man by the name of Richard Dawkins who is the most outspoken militant atheist in the world right now, who is motivating – again, mostly young people – to “come out of the closet” and “convert” to atheism. He calls religion, “the root of all evil”. He is currently touring the world, promoting his book where he calls believing in God a delusion. Did you know there are thousands of young people out there who follow this man, religiously? Yes, he is turning atheism into a religion. He calls atheists, an opressed minority who need their rights too and he is motivating people around the world to stand up for the rights of atheists. Did you know about this? Did you know this goes on in our world at the present moment?

Did you know movie stars are openly insulting Jesus now in Hollywood and they get applauded for it? Have you heard of the comedian and actress Kathy Griffin? She is now famous in Hollywood. You probably know her from the Suddenly Susan TV show. Recently she received an Emmy award and in her speech she openly insulted Jesus and she said she has nothing to thank Him for, like other people who thank Him when receiving awards, and she finished by holding the golden statue award and saying, “This is my God now”. Did you know this happened? Did you know this is what goes on in our world?

Have you heard of Elton John? Of course you have. He is famous. He is loved. He is influential. He also hates religion, specifically Christianity. He recently made a comment about religion. His view on religion is: “ban religion completely”. Did you know that? Did you know this is the world we live in today?

Do you know what all these people have in common? They are atheists. Even more than that, they are self-labeling themselves as militant atheists. Militant atheism is not new. The communists have perfected the art of militant atheism. I come from a country where fifty years of communism and atheism have scarred the history of the country forever. The culture, the society, the people, will never be the same. But in our days, atheism has a new face. It doesn’t have the primitive, barbaric face of men and women who broke into churches and murdered priests. No, these days, atheism has a brand new face. These days, it has a new name. Atheism is not the red powerful force of communism anymore, the force which overpowers believers against their will. Atheism doesn’t kick in the door of our house anymore, rapes our women and kills our men. No. It is a new game in the 21 century. This game is different. This game is more dangerous. Those men and women who are killed and tortured by the barbaric communist regime gained eternal life. They were martyrs. They died for Christ and for the Church. Their bodies where tortured by their souls were pure. The new victims of the new kind of atheism are not martyrs. They are not killed for Christ and for the Church. In fact their bodies are not tortured or hurt in any way. But their souls are extremely tortured. Their souls are victimized and ultimately killed. The new kind of atheism in the 21st century is more deadly.

In the 21st century, atheism has become the new religion.

Atheists, are religiously organized. Atheists boast of converts to atheism from Christianity. Atheists religiously follow their readers. They religiously convene in places to worship their own ideas, to worship their human idols, like Charles Darwin, the famous biologist who is called the father of the Theory of Evolution. Like the scientist Richard Dawkins who is called the “face of atheism” in our days. Like Kathy Griffin who is applauded for having the courage to step out of the closet and openly insult Jesus on TV. Oh and there’s many more like them. This is atheism in the 21st century – the new religion. Forget Christianity, forget Jesus Christ who died for our salvation. There is no need to be saved, there’s nothing to be saved from. Life is good. Religion is bad. Yet, the most thriving religion out there is atheism.

If your faith is shaky, if you are not sure if you really believe in Christ. If you are not really convinced Christ died for us. If you’re not sure if you really care if you go to Heaven or not. If you don’t really even know if God really exists, since after all you’ve never really seen Him or heard Him. If you don’t really trust what your parents tell you about God anymore. If you start doubting that God is really Love. Then my friend, you are a target for the new religion of the 21st century. Brother or sister, chances are that you are going to be preached at by a militant atheist one day and their arguments will test your faith. My friend, you will be put to the test. Are you prepared to be tested?

Well, guess what? You are being tested every day. Did you know Facebook is a test? Do you have a profile on Facebook? Why is Facebook a test? Well let me ask you this. If you don’t swear, and if you don’t have any tattoos, if you don’t have a cool car and if you don’t show your body off in pictures, how many friends will you have on Facebook? If you talk about God more than you talk about sex and partying and chilling with your boys, how many girls will be interested in you? If you don’t show off your belly button and your cleavage in your pictures, how many guys will want to be your friends, girls? Do you get my drift? You are being tested my friends. You are being tested by your own friends. And guess what, you are testing your own friends too. When’s the last time you said to one of your friends, “yo bro, you’re so cool for chilling in Church all the time!”. Or was it more like, “you’re such a nerd for going to Church on Saturday nights. Sunday mornings is enough for me. Saturday nights you gotta go downtown baby, that’s where the party at!” or when did you say, “hey girlfriend, you’re so cool for not showing off your body like that, girl. I wanna be just like you”. Or maybe was it like “you look so hot in that sexy dress – I wish I had your body. I bet all the hot guys want to be with you. I’m so jealous”. Does that sound familiar? Am I exaggerating when I say that the more drunk you look in your pictures, the more friends you get on Facebook? After all, it’s all about stacking up your friends like potato chips, isn’t it?

Oh my friends. Have you ever thought that most people never dream of having more than one real friend in their entire lifetimes? Have you ever asked your parents how many real, truly real friends they had in their life time? My brothers and my sisters. I consider you such because we are all children of God, the Father. Did you ever think that your faith is tested every time you log in to Facebook, or MySpace? Have you ever considered that your words, the clothes you wear, the pictures you post, the songs you listen to, the actions you take, all this can put your friends to the test? Guys, have you ever thought that if you tell a girl that she looks fat, she might carry your words with her all her life, feeling guilty of her own body? Girls, have you ever thought of demanding respect and responsability from your boyfriends? Don’t be afraid to hold them to their words and to be genuinely upset with them if they do not act like real men. How does all fit with atheism? Well, it all fits in because atheism doesn’t just happen. I mean that you don’t have a thirst for God today and tomorrow you wake up an atheist. What I do mean is that, atheism is gradual. I mean that it just sucks you in day by day, weakening your faith here and there, chopping your hope up into little pieces, until you have no love for God left in you.

The key word I would like to emphasize here is indifference. Conversion to atheism is the product of indifference. A Christian does not wake up atheist all of a sudden, there is a process of indifference that takes place first. Indifference to decency, indifference to observing fasts, indifference to regular prayer, indifference to swearing, indifference to sin, indifference to Church services, and most damaging kind of indifference of all, indifference to God, especially to God-The-Son, Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. This indifference is a great pain for Jesus.

Here is what Jesus says:

when you will understand how indifferent the world has become towards Me, you will understand My bitterness. My chalice of Mercy is full and My chalice of Justice is full too, they are grieving Me, embittering Me, creating revolutions, 1 rebelling against Me and My Law, I am the same Living God, but My people have grown fearless, they challenge Me, they provoke Me! creating them was a delight for Me, why are they rebelling against Me? whom have they to turn to? I suffer. where do they believe they are heading to? My Body is weary and injured, My Body needs to rest and be soothed.(April 4, 1987)

We must work against indifference, we must protect our souls against indifference. Facebook promotes indifference. Indifference to drunkness. Indifference to pre-marital sex. Indifference to going to Church. Indifference to God. Remember, faith, hope and love are all gifts from God. But, we must also work out our salvation. We must work. Work. Work hard. Remember, the path is narrow. You know that means? That means that you can’t fit a lot of people on that path. That means that you have to struggle to get on that path and you have to be as keen as humanly possible to walk that path. The path is narrow. Think about it. You must work for your salvation. In other words, you must do your best to avoid the wide path. The path which is easy and pleasant. The path that everyone joins. Brothers and sisters, think about it. If most people join a certain path, and if Christ calls us to a path that is narrow, then can that be the same path that most people join? Think about it my friends. If everyone joins Facebook, then can that be part of the narrow path? Can that be a way of working out our salvation? If the answer is no, then if it’s not useful in working out your salvation, what is it useful for? With Christ, things are simple. There either wide or narrow. Dark or light. It’s either yes or no. It’s either God’s way or Satan’s way. There is no middle ground with Christ. Didn’t you know that? With Christ you don’t just sort of believe and you’re sort of kind of thinking about Heaven. You’re not just sort of thirsty for God or you just sort of love your neighbour. No. God asks us to give ourselves entirely to Him. That is of course hard, difficult and pretty close to impossible. But guess what? The path is narrow. That doesn’t mean that we must despair. No. Even if we never reach perfection we must strive towards it. Even if tomorrow I won’t be perfect, I have to work hard to make sure I’m better than today. I have to look at myself and honestly say that I am better today than I was tomorrow. That is what Christ asks of us. To ascend to Him. To get closed to Him. Yes, He wants us perfect. But He also knows we are not going to get perfect overnight and by ourselves. What He wants from us is to see that we try. Think about it. Think about your spiritual ascent. Think about Facebook. Think about indifference. Think about atheism. Think about your soul. Think about God.

Are you going to be indifferent?

God bless you