How perfect the fruit of devotion is!

So what is the point of meditating on God? Why should we give Him of our time? Why pray often? Why be devoted to Him? Why does devotion matter?

Well, it matters devotion to our Lord bears good fruit. The Lord tells us many times, “you reap what you sow”. In this case, if we “sow” devotion into our hearts by frequent prayer and by giving our time to the Lord to be used as He rightly wishes, then this seed of devotion will bear a special kind of fruit in our heart. The fruit is the perfect fruit, the fruit which the Lord Himself asks of us as His Highest commandment – “Love God with all your soul”. This means desiring God and desiring to be with Him all the time.
Jesus says:

be in union with Me desiring Me at the same time, for this is the perfect fruit of devotion; how I delight to take this fruit! offer Me your time

We are created to love God. He created us out of love to love Him. Love is charity and charity always means giving of ourselves, and the more precious the gift, the highest the charity. In our days, time is the most valuable commodity. Not even money can buy us more time. When time passes – it is gone, it never comes back. To give ourselves to God and to give Him our time, to be with Him in prayer is a proof of our love to Him. It is living as He has intended for us to live – to love Him.

Jesus continues:

have I not sanctified you in My Holiness? so offer Me in your turn your self, your will, your energy; allow Me to use you little one, allow My Love to cover you My dove;
love Me;

Lord God, Jesus Christ our Merciful and Loving God, please teach us to be more giving and to die to our own will when it comes to giving You our time as You rightly deserve it. Blessed be Your Holy Name forever. Amen.


What do we have to offer God?

Did you ever wonder what we, mere dust and ashes, can offer God? After all, He is All-Sufficient and Perfect and there is nothing that He lacks. Yet God is most pleased when we offer Him our heart.

Jesus says:

if you say: “what can we offer You now?” I tell you: “offer Me your heart, and I shall help your lack of faith, open your heart and I shall turn it into a heaven for Me, your God, and in which I can be glorified;

come and eat from the fruit I am offering you today while there is still time; come to Me; your Master is well on the road of return, this is why I am telling you: make peace with Me and be one in My Name;
(Feb 1, 1995)

Blessed be Your Holy Name Lord God. May our heart always belong to You and may we always thirst for union with You, Dear Beloved Father. Amen.