Messages about Our Blessed Mother

  • November 11, 1993
    • Jesus says: “She is the Queen of Heaven,
      She is My Mother and your Mother,
      the loveliest of women,
      beautiful as Heaven,
      radiant as My Glory,
      unique in Her Perfection,
      the Delight of My Soul,
      She is the Woman
      with the twelve stars
      on Her Head for a crown,
      the Vessel of My Glory,
      a Reflection of My Eternal Light;

      She is the One whose Presence in
      My Courts outshines all the
      constellations put together;

      She is the Vessel of the True Light,
      The Word,
      made flesh, and who lived among you,
      She is Grace in Grace,
      and the Sweetest Song
      of the psalmists;

      She is My Theme of Joy,
      My Honour and My Boast,
      She is the Gate to Heaven
      the One who shows Her children how
      to enter into My Kingdom,
      She is My Masterpiece,
      She is the Consoler of
      your Consoler,
      Co-Redemptress of your Redeemer,
      the Bride of My Holy Spirit;

      daughter, I will take no rest,
      not until I take you too
      into My Mother’s House
      into the Room of Her who conceived
      Me, to reveal to you too Her Beauty,
      then, all the mysteries that
      seemed to you like a well of
      enigmas, will suddenly like
      a clap of lightning be revealed
      to you too, My beloved,
      and you will understand
      why the Woman clothed with
      the Sun
      descends now from My Courts
      to you all
      at a moment so obscure;
      let your eyes, My dove,
      be fixed ahead, your gaze
      be straight before you;