The Day of the Lord

Messages about The Day of Purification

  • August 6, 1988
    • Our Blessed Mother says: “Ecclesia needs to be revived and Her time of Purification is almost over now the Holy Spirit will descend upon you all giving you hope, love and faith, restoring your faith and nourishing your soul, this will be known as the Great Return, as the Sprouting of an Everlasting Source, as the Flourishing of Flowers Ecclesia’s purge will prepare you all to face a New Heaven and a New Earth, She will prepare you to face your God, understand My deep love I have for all of you
  • August 17, 1988
    • Jesus says: “My Mercy is Great upon all of you! dearest souls, the time for your purification is drawing near; what I will do is out of love, your purification will be to save you from the gates of hell I will descend upon you like Lightning and renew you with My Fire My Spirit of Love will redeem you by drawing you into Love and consume you into a living flame of love, I will let My Spirit pour out of heaven and purify your blemished souls into holy spotless souls, purifying you as gold is purified in fire you will recognize the Time of Salvation and when My Spirit of Love will descend unless this happens you will not see the New Heavens, nor the New Earth I foretold you;”
  • September 27, 1988
    • Jesus says: “for those who defile My Name and who sit enthroned in earthly glory satisfying their thirst of money, seeking their own interests and not Mine, I call out in the wilderness you have made, for you to come to Me and repent before the day of purification, I, the Lord warn you not to suppress My Spirit of Truth who speaks through this weak instrument, I solemnly request My Church to remember the conditions I and My disciples worked in and where our heads rested, palaces we had none! … none! palaces were for kings, but not for Me nor My disciples!”
  • November 8, 1988
    • Jesus says: the days are counted now; the days of your purification; those that have been praying to Me for the renewal of My Church, I have heard, I have heard all their prayers to Me, I promise you that I, the Lord will renew My Church, I will wipe away the stains that stained Her by the impure living within Her and I will rebuild Her anew; yet, I dread to tell you beloved ones how much more She will have to suffer still before This Day. The Great Tribulations of Her Heart will start before I come to renew her entirely, this day must come to fulfill the Scriptures;”
    • Jesus says: “I, the Lord, will descend in the day of Purification, along with all the Saints and My angels and purge all this evil away. From the North to the South, from the East to the West My Fire shall descend! Wait and you shall see …”
  • February 20, 1989
    • Jesus says: “you are living in a rebellious era and it had been said, that in your days, ‘these people will scorn at religion, and will make fun of the Promise; these people, hardened at heart will refuse to hear; you are living in the last days before the Purification Day; be aware day and night, never cease praying; I am solemnly telling you that the Days of Purification are at hand;

      I love you all with an everlasting love and because of this Infinite Love I descend in several parts of this earth to warn you; do not misunderstand Me taking these warnings as menaces, I am Holy and I desire you who is fashioned to My Image, to live Holy; I have, since the beginning of Times, raised up saints and prophets, to remind you that I am Holy, I have prepared you all for this Day, this Day of My Purification, where My Spirit of Fire will be thrust upon you and clean all wickedness away, It will clean all that is unholy; be prepared for this Day and hear My Cry, hear My plea; let the wise man understand these Words:

      come back to Me, return, I am your Refuge, recognize the Signs, recognize those Signs of the End of Times! do not close your ears, do not shut your eyes, recognize the Times … remember that I, the Lord, am your Refuge beloved souls, be steadfast,

      I bless each one of you, I bless your beloved ones;”

  • January 31, 1990
    • Our Blessed Mother says: “ah beloved children, have you not yet understood? Heaven is your Home and earth is your preparation, your preparation to meet God; God has given you the gift of His Love, will you not respond to His Gift? many of you have seen many signs, these signs are to be observed, they are the signs of the end of Times, they are not the signs of the end of the world, they are the signs of the end of an era Jesus and I are preparing you all to enter into the era of Love and Peace;

      the New Heavens and the New Earth that has been promised you long ago; I therefore implore you for your conversion before the day of purification, because the time is pressing and I tell you that before this generation has passed away, all that I have been telling you through my chosen souls, will have taken place from the time at Fatima to this day beloved children, remember that Our Presence is also a mystery and you should always remember that you are NEVER alone

      learn to pray without cease and with your heart, learn to fast and do penitence; learn to go and confess once a month; do not weary to do good and practice it with regard to others; live the Lord’s Law; I love you, children, and it is out of Love that I prepare you to meet the Lord, I bless each one of you; enter your homes with Our Peace and never forget that We are with you

  • March 12, 1991
    • Jesus says: Peace be with you; I have come to your very doors;

      it is I, the Sacred Heart who speaks to you; I come to offer you My Heart; today I am coming to you in this special way to remind you of My Ways; I am coming to you because you are poor and although you do not have much, you still have your sight, for the Grace of your Father in Heaven is upon you

      2 but My Soul is grieving beyond your understanding to see from above dissensions like never before in the Heart of My Sanctuary; My Body is bleeding and My Heart is one big Wound; the shepherd’s staff which I had given them whole, lies now broken in splinters; but I mean to visit you soon to put together the shepherd’s staff I had left behind Me; therefore, beloved ones, you who have received this Grace, pray for those who still do not know their left hand from their right, pray as never before that they too may receive this Grace before the day of Purification; I am telling you that soon, very soon, Love shall be with you as Love; pray that all may be ready and converted so that no one will be drawn in darkness and the shadow of death for all eternity; mindful of My Mercy I come to warn your generation and out of Love I come to call you by the Power of My Holy Spirit of Grace back to your senses; Love is seeking a return of Love; this is My Theme

  • September 15, 1991
    • Jesus says: O Jerusalem! 1 turn your eyes to the east and to the west; turn your eyes to the north and to the south and I Am there! I tell you truly that once more My Spirit will be poured on you and My Image will be spread across the face of the world; what I have planned shall happen and what I have told you shall be fulfilled; come close to Me and listen carefully: today I come all the way to your doorstep holding the banner of Peace; I am coming to save you Jerusalem, on it is written: Faithful and True, 2 the King of kings and the Lord of lords; 3 will I hear from you Jerusalem: “My King, it is You that I have to worship”, or will you still be unaware of He who offers you His Peace …. now? will you in these last days before the Day of Retribution recognize My Holy Spirit who descended from above in all His Glory to make house with you? during your whole lifetime, generation, you flouted My Law and turned away, rebelling; are you ever going to be prepared to meet Me, your God? I am soon going to pass through your City!4 and it will be sooner than you think! these will be My last warnings; I solemnly tell you:

      wake up from your deep sleep!
      you are heading for your ruin,
      shake off the dust that covers you
      and rise from the dead,
      The End of Times
      is nearer than you think;

      1) soon, very soon, I shall suddenly open My Sanctuary in Heaven and there, your eyes unveiled, you will perceive, like a secret revelation: myriads of Angels, Thrones, Dominations, Sovereignties, Powers, all prostrated around

      The Ark of the Covenant;

      then, a Breath will slide over your face, and the Powers of Heaven will shake, flashes of lightning will be followed by peals of thunder; “suddenly upon you will come a time of great distress, unparalleled since nations first came to existence;” 6 for I will allow your soul to perceive all the events of your lifetime; I will unfold them one after the other; to the great dismay of your soul, you will realize how much innocent blood your sins shed, from victim souls;

      I will then make your soul aware to see how you had never been following My Law; like an unrolled scroll, I will open The Ark of The Covenant and make you conscious of your lawlessness;

      2) if you would still be alive and standing on your feet, the eyes of your soul will behold a dazzling Light, like the glitter of many precious stones; like the sparks of crystal-clear diamonds, a Light so pure and so bright that although myriads of angels would be standing nearby, in Silence, you will not see them completely, because this Light will be covering them like a silverish golden dust, your soul will only perceive their form, not their face; then, in the midst of this dazzling Light, your soul will see what they had once seen in that fraction of a second, that very moment of your creation ….

      they will see:
      He who held you first in His Hands;
      The Eyes that saw you first;

      they will see:
      The Hands of He who shaped you
      and blessed you ….

      they will see:
      The Most Tender Father, your Creator
      all clothed in fearful splendour,
      the First and the Last,
      He who is, who was, and
      is to come,
      The Almighty,
      The Alpha and the Omega:
      The Ruler;

      shrivelled with your awakening, your eyes will be transfixed in Mine which will be like two Flames of Fire7 your heart then will look back on its sins and will be seized with remorse; you will, in great distress and agony suffer your lawlessness, realizing how you were constantly profaning My Holy Name and how you were rejecting Me, your Father …. panic-stricken, you will tremble and shudder when you will see yourself as a decaying corpse, devastated by worm and by vulture;

      3) and if your legs will still be holding you up, I will show you what your soul, My Temple and My Dwelling was nursing all the years of your life; instead of My Perpetual Sacrifice you will see to your dismay, that you were fondling The Viper and that you had erected this Disastrous Abomination of which the prophet Daniel spoke, in the most profound domain of your soul;

      The Blasphemy;

      The Blasphemy, that cut off all your heavenly bonds linking you to Me and making a gulf between you and Me, your God;

      – when this Day comes, the scales of your eyes will fall, so that you may perceive how naked you are and how within you, you are a land of drought …. unhappy creature, your rebellion and your denial of The Most Holy Trinity turned you into a renegade and persecutor of My Word;

      – your laments and your wailing will be heard only by you then; I tell you: you will mourn and you will weep, but your laments will only be heard by your own ears;

      – I can only judge as I am told to judge and My judging will be just; as it was in Noah’s time, so will it be when I will open the Heavens and show you The Ark of the Covenant; “for in those days before the Flood, people were eating, drinking, taking wives, taking husbands, right up to the day Noah went into the ark, and they suspected nothing till the Flood came and swept all away”; 8 this is how it will be in this Day too; and I tell you, if that time had not been shortened by the intercession of your Holy Mother, the martyr saints and the pool of blood shed on earth, from Abel the Holy to the blood of all My prophets, not one of you would have survived!

      I, your God, am sending angel after angel to announce that My Time of Mercy is running short and that the Time of My Rein on earth is close at hand; I am sending My angels to witness of My Love “to all who live on earth, every nation, race, language and tribe”; 9 I am sending them out as apostles of the last days to announce that: “the Kingdom of the world would become like My Kingdom of above and that My Spirit will reign for ever and ever” 10 in your midst; I am sending My servants the prophets to cry out in this wilderness that you should:

      “Fear Me and praise Me
      because the Time has come
      for Me to sit in judgement!”

      My Kingdom will come suddenly upon you, this is why you must have constancy and faith till the end; –

      – My child, pray for the sinner who is
      unaware of his decay;
      pray and ask the Father to forgive
      the crimes the world ceaselessly commits;
      pray for the conversion of souls,
      pray for Peace

  • September 19, 1991
    • Jesus says: “let My Spirit of Truth shine on you so that you, in your turn, reflect My Image, reminding the world of My True Face, since the world seems to have forgotten My True Image; – in a short time all of you will learn how to live a

      True Life in God

      and be one with Me as the Holy Trinity is One and the same, because all Three of Us agree

      – My little children, I shall not be long, I am already on My Way of Return; I am telling you this before it happens, because when it does happen you may believe that this Voice you have been hearing all these years, came from Me; I am telling you this so that you may rejoice, because I too, rejoice for this Day when Satan’s head will be crushed by My Mother’s heel;

      – hear Me: I shall pour out My Spirit on this evil generation to entice hearts and lead everyone back to the complete Truth, to live

      a Perfect Life in Me your God;

      but be brave, because there will still be a Fire before My Day, so do not fear nor be sad, because without this Fire, the world’s face cannot change …. and when it comes, it will show the world how wrong it was; it will show its godlessness; its rationalism, materialism, selfishness, pride, greed and its wickedness, in short, all those vices the world worships;

      no one can say that I have not been telling you the outset of My Plans; no one can say that I have been hiding My Plans from you;

      I am The Truth

      and The Truth will always open His Heart and expose to you His fervent Plans as they are …. the Truth will always give you the choice of proving yourselves to Him; – if I had not spoken to you, if I had not been opening now the Heavens to you, you would be excused, but I have been calling you day and night, without ceasing I have been sending you My angels to speak to you; I raised from nothing, wretched souls and formed them into fervent disciples to go and knock on your doors and repeat to you the Words I Myself have given them; no, they were not speaking as from themselves, but were only repeating the Knowledge that I Myself have instructed them with they went to you in their poverty and barefoot to tell you of the things that are to come, not adding nor deducting anything from that which I have given them; all they said was taken from Wisdom Herself;

      – now, I solemnly tell you, that when that Day of Purification comes, many will be sorrowful to the point of death for not having allowed My Holy Spirit of Truth to enter their house,1 but have welcomed in His place the Viper, the Abomination of the desolation, and shared their meal side by side with My enemy; they welcomed inside their house the one who apes the Holy One, they worshipped the Deceiver, who taught them to misconceive My Holy Spirit:

      My Holy Spirit, the Giver of Life and
      The Inner Power of their soul

      He who breathed an active soul into them and inspired a living spirit

      – I tell you solemnly, My Fire will descend in this world quicker than you expect it to come, so that those without sight of their sins may suddenly see their guilt; it is in My Power to bring this Day forward and it is again within My Power to shorten this Hour, for this Hour will bring so much distress that many would curse the hour of their birth; they would want the valleys to open and swallow them, the mountains to fall on them and cover them, the vulture to devastate them quickly, they would want to dash themselves to pieces; but no one will escape from this Hour;

      those that truly love Me will suffer only for not having done more for Me; they too will be cleansed; but woe to those who rejected Me and refused to recognize Me, they have their judge already; the Truth that was given to them will be their judge on that Day;

      – you heard Me say many times from My mouthpieces that

      the Day of the Lord is at hand

      and that My Return is imminent; if you love Me you would be glad to know that My Holy Spirit will come upon you in all His force and in all His glory; if you love Me you will continue to pray for the conversion of all My children who are unaware and still live under Satan’s power; if anyone loves Me as I love you all, he will listen to Me and will remain faithful up to the end of his ministry;

      My little children, if you loved Me, you would perform even greater works than those I performed while on earth, but no one has performed anything greater yet because of the so little faith you have in Me, and the ever so little love you have for one another; no one yet has loved Me as much as I love you; but on the Day of Purification you will understand how little you have done because I will show My Holy Face in you;

      – you hear those Footsteps? they are Mine; you hear the sound of My Breath already? it is the sweet sound of My Holy Spirit blowing through your wilderness and your aridity; you felt a Breath slide over your face? do not fear; like the Dove’s wings, My Holy Spirit touched you slightly while hovering above you

      O come! come to Me and as Moses lifted up the serpent in the desert, I too will lift your soul up to Me and revive you! as I was lifted up in Heaven you too will be lifted up to Me to be nursed on My Breast; O come to Me! get thirsty again, thirst for My Everlasting Wells, thirst to be with Me, your God! I will without hesitation offer you to drink and turn My Water into a spring inside you, welling up to eternal life, for from My Breast flow fountains of living water, an inexhaustible Source; O come to Me! hunger again for My Bread, and you will not die! today, as yesterday, I stand up and cry out:

      “if any man is thirsty, let him come
      to Me! let the man come and drink who
      believes in Me!”

      My forbearance is great, and although I know you are sinners and you have polluted the earth with innocent blood,3 if you come to Me repentant, I will forgive your guilt and your crime; I am an Abyss of Grace; do not be afraid …. do not fear Me, fear rather the Hour if it finds you unaware and asleep;

      – this is the Voice of your Father; this is the Voice of the Sublime Source of Love; this is the Voice of He who once said:

      “Let there be light!”

      and there was light; come to Me and I shall give you My Spirit without reserve; do not be like the soldiers who shared out My clothing and cast lots for them at the foot of My Cross; come to Me with John’s spirit, come to Me out of love; come to Me to console Me and be with Me;

      – the Hour is coming when the world will find itself only in distress and darkness, the blackness of anguish and will see nothing but night; bewildered, they will call out to Me, but I shall not reply, I shall not listen to their cry; frenzied, they will blaspheme My Revelation, Wisdom and the Truth; the whole world will be inundated by distress upon seeing the

      Ark of the Covenant,
      My Law;

      many will fall and be broken, rocked and shaken because of their lawlessness;

      – when the heavens will tear open, like a curtain ripped in half, showing them how they flung My Glory for a worthless imitation, 4 like stars that fall from heaven they shall fall, realizing then how Folly led them astray; how by trying to climb up to the summit and rival Me was only folly! when that Day comes, I will show the world how wicked it was, how they befriended the Rebel and dialogued with him rather than with the Holy One; the hour has come when constancy and faith, prayer and sacrifice are vital, they have become an URGENCY!

      My little children, you who are sad now will rejoice later on; come, let us pray:

      Father all Merciful
      raise me up to Your Breast,
      allow me to drink from the
      Running Streams of Eternal Life,
      and by this I shall know that
      I enjoy Your favour,
      O come and rescue me, before
      the Hour comes upon me; cure me,
      for I have sinned against You

      Your Lips are moist with Grace,
      Your Heart is a blazing Furnace of Love,
      Your Eyes are Two Flames of consuming Fire,

      O Father,
      Your Beauty is Perfection in itself,
      Your Majesty and Splendour leave even the
      brightest of Your angels dazzled,
      Wealthy in Virtue and Grace,
      do not hide Your Holy Face from
      me, when the Hour comes;

      come and anoint me with the oil of love,
      God, hear my prayer,
      listen to my supplicating voice!
      I must fulfil the vows I made You;

      Eternal Father,
      although the current is opposing me,
      I trust,
      I know,
      I believe,
      that Your Arm will be there,
      to lift me and pull me out of this current;
      O how I long to gaze on
      Your Sanctuary and see Your Glory
      in the Ark of the Covenant!
      O how my soul languishes to gaze
      on the Rider of the Heavens
      who carries the Name:
      Faithful and True,
      He who will sweep away iniquity
      from the world,
      He who is Just;
      O come and cover me with Your Cloak
      since Your Love is known for its generosity,

      O Father!
      do not brush me off
      like I deserve because of my sins,
      but help me, Provide me with my
      Daily Bread,
      and keep me safe and away
      from the Viper’s fangs;
      make me heiress of Your House,
      make me Your child of Light,
      make me a perfect copy of the
      Supreme Martyr, to glorify You,
      for ever and ever;

      Heaven belongs to you My child;5 live for Me, breathe for Me, have Me as First, love Me, My child and all that I have is yours; by your love and your faithfulness My House will be your house too;

      – rely on Me your Abba; come close to Me and take your place in My Sacred Heart

  • March 3, 1992
    • Jesus says: “when I will break the sixth seal, there will be a violent earthquake and the sun will go as black as coarse sackcloth; the moon will turn red as blood all over, and the stars of the sky will fall on to the earth like figs dropping from a fig-tree when a high wind shakes it; the sky will disappear like a scroll rolling up and all the mountains and islands will shake from their places;

      then all the earthly rulers, the governors and the commanders, the rich people and the men of influence, the whole population, slaves and citizens, will take to the mountains to hide in caves and among the rocks; they will say to the mountains and the rocks, ‘Fall on us and hide us away from the One who sits on the Throne and from the anger of the

      Lamb;’ 3

      for the Great Day of My Purification is soon upon you and who will be able to survive it?’

      everyone on this earth will have to be purified, everyone will hear My Voice and recognize Me as the Lamb; all races and all religions will see Me in their interior darkness, this will be given to everyone like a secret revelation to reveal the obscurity of your soul; when you will see your insides in this state of grace you will indeed ask the mountains and the rocks to fall on you; the darkness of your soul will appear as such that you would think the sun lost its light and that the moon too turned into blood; this is how your soul will appear to you, but in the end, you will only praise Me;

      – if a stranger comes your way and tells you that the food4 I have been giving you is vile, do not listen to him, listen to the language of My Sacred Heart, the language of My Cross; let your fidelity to My Sacred Heart bloom once more, consecrate yourselves all to My Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of your I will be visiting you again, My little children;

      so courage My friends; you are hounded but it is only by the world; you are insulted for My sake? rejoice! for I was too; you are treated as the offal of the world because you love Me? I bless you and join you in your sufferings; you are the jest of your people? but so was I, your King; you are not more than Me your Master; My secret intentions are revealed now, in your dormant times; the revelation of My Sacred Heart is revealed in these end of Times again to awaken your hearts and bring you all back fervently to this Devotion; so among you there must be no premature judgement; love Me and bless Me; I am always with you and I will continue to reveal the Riches of My Sacred Heart in each one of you

      Vassula, My child, I shall strengthen your stem and replace the petals your accusers ripped from you to give you this joy I feel whenever you offer Me your will

      Love loves you”

  • July 20, 1992
    • Jesus says: I have been asking you all from the beginning to lead a holy life since I am holy; I have been asking you, dearest ones, to change your lives so that you inherit My Kingdom; when My angels who had been given supreme authority rebelled against Me and destruction took the best out of them, My Justice did not spare them, they were thrown down to the underworld to wait for the day of Judgement; they too will be judged before the very eyes of everyone; and ah! …. what a terrible sight that will be! I will judge everyone according to what he has done and not done; in front of My Throne everyone will stand in silence and in awe for the Day of this final Judgement will be so dreadful that it will make everyone tremble with fright in front of the Supreme Judge that I Am; you will all see a huge number of fallen angels who were driven out of heaven and fought in bitterness and spite Michael the archangel and his angels; yes, your eyes will see My Rivals, the Rivals of the Holy One, of the Anointed One; you will all see those fallen angels, adepts of Lucifer, the primeval serpent who tried to lead my sons and my daughters all astray you will see multitudes of those who defiled My Name and transgressed My Law, those who refused to be reared and fostered by My Holiness and preferred to be labelled on their forehead by the Deceiver; …… 1 yes, Vassula, a harsh vision has been shown you;

      I tell you: I will soon come with My saints to pronounce judgement on the world and to sentence the guilty; today My Grace is being revealed to all mankind to renew you all with My Holy Spirit before My Day and remind you of My Law

      I will in that Day repay everyone according to what he deserves; I have said that I will severely punish anyone who insults the Spirit of Grace and treats My Spirit as foolish; that is why you should stay awake; today more than ever before, I am asking you all to consecrate yourselves, your families and your nations to Our Two Hearts;

      allow Me to seal your forehead with the seal of My Holy Spirit; the Time of sorting has come, the time of reckoning is here; I said to everyone that I shall come as a thief upon you, when I return no one will be suspecting anything; then, of two men one will be taken, one left, of two women one will be taken, one left, the Harvest is almost ready to be reaped and countless corpses will be left when I say:

      “I Am here!”

      then I will say to My angel:2 “the hour has come to sort out and pull out all who are not Mine, sort out from those who acknowledged Me, all those who have not willed to comply with My Law, sort out from those who allowed and welcomed My Holy Spirit to be their Guide and their Torch, all those who rebelled in their apostasy against Me, 3 sort out from those who are branded on the forehead with the Lamb’s Seal, all those with the name of the beast or with the number 666;” the Time is here and I Myself am branding My people with My Name and My Father’s Name

      Vassula, I did not open the floodgates of heaven to pour out My blessings in abundance for you alone, but My blessings are being poured upon all mankind now, before My Great Return; you are, as I have been saying, living in a time of great mercy and grace, but the Day is coming now, burning like a furnace; and all those who have not been sealed with My Name on their forehead will be like stubble in this Day; I am revealing to you what is to come before I break the sixth seal; 4

      come and consecrate yourselves to My Sacred Heart and to the Immaculate Heart of your Mother; as I have said, you are living in a period of Grace and Mercy; daughter, just as you changed from being disobedient to Me and have reconciled making peace with Me and enjoying now mercy, so will it be for those who are still rebelling against Me I will show My Infinite Love and Mercy to all mankind before I send My four angels at the four corners of the earth5 whose duty it is to devastate land and sea; I have ordered these angels to wait before they do any damage on land or at sea or to the trees until I have branded My Seal on the foreheads of those who have complied with My Law6 of those who benefited from My Graces and of My Mercy, to these I say: serve and do not wait to be served so that My Father in heaven allots you a place in His Tent;

      by being faithful to Me you will undergo great persecutions, but have I not promised you white robes in heaven? have I not promised you that you will no longer be hungry or thirsty? 7 so do not fear when the tempests rise against you, Scriptures are being accomplished; happy are you who die in Me the Lord! I shall indeed reward you

      My child, Love is near you and My Spirit upon you; Hope My child is found in My Sacred Heart; Love My own is given to you freely, and Faith is a blessing from Me

      My Spirit rejoices in your nothingness and My Soul delights in your frailty; I have raised you to console Me and delight Me; I have chosen you by grace to quench My thirst of Love; nothing to do with your merits since you have none

      are you ready, My child, to please your Saviour?”

  • June 3, 1993
    • Jesus says: just after Our Two Hearts have accomplished the witnessing,5 I will break the seventh seal and upon this, there will be an awed silence6 .… in this silence the people of the world would think they triumphed over Our Two Hearts, and they will rejoice7 and celebrate the event, because they would believe they got rid of Our Two Hearts witnessing through Our mouthpieces, since what they witnessed had become a plague in their ears and a plague to their interests and their evil intentions;

      then, suddenly this silence will be broken with the coming of My Day, and woe to the unclean! woe to the unrepentant, their corpses will litter this desert, this desert they themselves laid out; My angel then will fill the censer he has been holding in front of My Throne and the altar, with Fire he will throw down on to the earth;8 and while everybody will be watching, a violent earthquake will come, and the elements of the earth will catch fire and fall apart; 9 many will take to the mountains to hide in caves, 10 and among the rocks, they would call out to Me but I will not listen, they will provoke Me and blaspheme My Holy Name and say to the11 mountains and rocks, ‘fall on us and hide us away from the One who sits on the Throne and from the anger of the Lamb’, for My Day will come and who can survive it? and the survivors12 will fall on their knees, overcome with fear and will only praise Me their God …. then, the New Heavens and the New Earth13 will come upon you, the kingdom14 of the world will become My Kingdom and I will reign in every heart; the world15 of the past will be gone; soul, My reign will begin in your days

  • December 22, 1993
    • Jesus says: yes, those who rejected My calls for no reason at all will confess saying: “we have sinned, we have done wrong; Lord, how long is this disastrous iniquity, of sanctuary and army, be trampled underfoot? how long still will the Truth be buried since they flung It to the ground? 1 is this a result of our sins and the crimes of our apathy?” and I will tell you:

      when Death was creeping through your windows, My distressed calls and My warnings were never heard; they were ridiculed or ignored; when I came to you, limping and as a lamenting beggar, begging for your attention, you flew into a rage and chased Me away; when I came to you as a sorrowful father to warn you that your flesh had mouldered, even though you were standing and that your eyes were rotting while still in their sockets and that although you were reputed to be alive you were decaying, 2 you flew into a rage and made war against Me and all the saints I have been sending you, and now your terror is falling on you; “why have You, My Lord,” you will say, “why have You handed Your Holy Place over to the power of the beast?3 are we not to drink Your Wine anymore? are we not to eat Your Bread anymore? are we not to plant vineyards any longer? are we compelled4 now to obey the Lawless, 5 and the ones who are under the dominion of the beast?” 6

      I will remind you then, that I had been sending you My servants the prophets so persistently, so often, to say: “each of you wear sackcloth, repent, amend your actions, fast on dry bread and water!” but you would not listen to Me …. you would not repent or humble yourself either, for you had substituted darkness for light and light for darkness; and yet I am telling you that there is still a time of greater distress to come, unparalleled since nations first came into existence; 7

      when My Day comes, the sun will turn as black as coarse sackcloth; the moon will be aflame and the very foundations of the earth will shake, and like entrails pouring out of an abdomen, the earth will vomit out its demons; when this happens, men will long for death but will not find it! then, the sky will roll like a scroll and immediately will dissolve in flames and all the elements will melt in the heat; 8 that day is coming and sooner than you think; I will fulfil these prophecies in your own life-time;

      when that Day comes, good and bad will perish alike; the bad for having displayed only wickedness and the good for not hearing My warnings; although you had seen many things, you did not observe them; and although your ears were open you did not hear Me; which of you is listening now?

      …. when all these things will have come to pass I will re-erect My Perpetual Sacrifice into the Holy Place as it was in the days of old; immediately after, all the nations and all the inhabitants of the earth9 will worship Me and will acknowledge Me as the Sacrificial Lamb in the Perpetual Sacrifice – the ban will be lifted10 and My Perpetual Sacrifice will be in its Holy Place again; from thereon it will never be night again because My Presence11 will be shining on all of you; 12

      then, once again, everyone will come and drink My Blood and eat My Body, recognizing My Sacrifice; everyone will, with one voice and one heart, serve Me day and night in My Sanctuary, and I will spread My Word in each heart …. as for those who cried out to Me, repenting and admitting their sins,13 they too will stand once more in front of Me, to serve Me, and they will never hunger nor thirst again; neither will the scorching wind ever plague them, 14 because My Presence will console them, and never again will they ask: “where is Your Wine?” or, “where is Your Bread? upon Whom shall we feed?” for now, Your Creator will be among you, and I promise you that I will dwell among you15 and I promise you that never again will the earth fall into such distress;

      once more I will pour on you all, Peace and Security; and the eyes of those who see will no longer be closed and the ears of those who hear will be alert; hear Me, daughter, tell My people that: Your Saviour is coming and the prize of victory is with Him, His Name: Faithful and True; Lord of lords and King of kings

  • July 22, 1994
    • Jesus says: “today just as yesterday the most Holy One is spat upon, scourged by all passers-by, My Holy Cross, the Instrument of your salvation is tread upon by man daily … ah … I suffer grievously …. today I have opened My reserves in heaven to nourish you abundantly; I am making a road to lead you all to heaven;

      I have said: “although this generation has thrust itself so willingly at Satan’s feet, I, the Holy One, can never forget the memory of your creation and how at the memory of this instance My Father had shed tears of joy; this is why I will not stand by and watch this offspring of My Father take the shape of My Enemy; the Enemy may have attraction but it is deadly, whereas what I have to offer will bring you to your divinity and back into your Father’s Arms;

      generation, in your sleep you have been captured and mesmerized by My Enemy; surrounded by his lies you have been mesmerized and your memory, falling into oblivion, sunk into darkness,2 but I, your God, tell you:

      sons! and daughters! you are the offspring of the Most High! you descend from the Sovereignty and Splendour, oh come! you belong to Us! 3 you belong to Heaven …. you are of Royal Descent, so why, why do you listen to the Beast? you are blessed in Our Image, not of the Beast’s! you are all meant to walk in the courts of the house of the Mighty One, so, allow Me to clothe you in My Splendour; open your heart and I shall save you!

      allow Me to enter My dwelling place4 so that I may embellish it and when I do, I will hurl you out, as one hurls out a net, into this desert and into the valley of death to cry out in My Name: “Love is on the Path of Return; the Day of the Lord is near, nearer than you think!”

      repent! repent and be glad, the trumpet of the sixth angel will soon be heard to fulfil the warnings of God; hurry and repent to obtain the Lamb’s Seal on your forehead;” this is what you will say; you will be My Throne and I, the theme of your praises and under the eyes of My Enemy I will give you a valiant heart to conquer him and his followers in this battle of the end of Times;”

  • August 19, 1996
    • St. Michael says: “Child of the Father and of the Most High, spouse of the Spouse, garden of the Holy Spirit, fruit of the Most Holy Trinity, do you know what, “fear of the Lord”, means? it means hatred of all that is evil and opposite to God; God is good, meek, gentle, merciful, love and the Truth;

      let your soul then be fearing God and allow God to perfect you; the fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom and Wisdom is given to mere children for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs, so unless you change your hearts1 and become free of malice you will never enter into God’s kingdom;

      ah …. have you not heard, how Our Creator, thrice Holy, triumphant over all, had wept with tears of joy while He was creating you? yes, it is this same God, who is the Most High, the great and living God, to whom you owe your life, who created you, that the world today has turned against Him;

      how can anyone believe that they will escape God’s Justice? all is for ever under the Eye of God, and what He sees as crimes and offenses on His Holiness outweigh the sands of the seas …. for how long will He see His Image profaned? can man support himself on nothing, and for how long? refusing Faithful Love is to refuse Life; yet the God they have forgotten has never forgotten them;

      I can now plead for mercy for all of you, especially for those amongst you whose hearts are the hardest; the weak and the needy have to be rescued and saved from the clutches of the evil one, who plots the fall of God’s people; so come! revive your prayers to Me and I shall intercede; come! with a single mind to save God’s children, come and pray! while I am giving you this warning, there are those who would not listen; – ask for My intercession and I will protect you and defend you from evil and his dominion;

      – as heaven praises God’s wonders, praise, you too, the Most High, your Creator, without ceasing, for who in the skies can compare with the Almighty One? who among the sons of God can rival Him? His Throne like the sun before me cries out: ‘Justice!’ once the Holy One has spoken, His Word will be accomplished, and Justice will be done by fire;

      but for those whose heart was pleasing to God who cried out to Him: “You are my Father, my God the Rock of my salvation!” so will they be made God’s first-born, and will not fear in the Day He will come by fire;

      soon, Yahweh means to pass through among you; let me hear your fervent prayers, then ask yourselves: “what will the Day of the Lord mean for me?” and anyone who conspires evil, will be working for his own ruin; this is why I tell you: come and sow seeds of peace and reconciliation, so that your fruit will be agreeable to the Almighty and heaven will be your compensation

      Saint Michael, God’s Archangel;”

  • February 25, 1998
    • Yahweh says: many are cheating the hearts of My children, they are cheating Me by their falsehood;16 I tell you, when My Day comes they will be excluded from My Kingdom, on these grounds sentence is pronounced; I have given you by My grace to discern what comes from True Light and what comes from darkness, but I have let you see how many more were drawn to darkness than to Light; I have told you this so that when the time of sorting comes, you may remember all that I told you …. 17
  • June 1, 2002
    • Jesus says: My Day is imminent, and woe to the corpses on that Day of My Return;3 alas too for those who centered their lives on material things, when My Day comes; My appearance will be fire; already My Footsteps are heard and My Footprints seen by many; when I reveal Myself to those who did not acknowledge Me, when in these times of grace I presented Myself as Mercy and as a Lamp, I will reveal Myself then as a consuming Fire;

      why, did anyone believe I will pass by unoticed? and do you still believe the Master will pass you by without any retribution? it is, therefore, good to repent daily; and you, who are carrying My seed, sing as you sow, daughter, do not look behind you; as I have instructed you, theology is the contemplation to Me, your God, this is your spiritual foundation; on this foundation then are built different levels; one level contains the Knowledge of God; this Knowledge of God is acquired though Wisdom and not from books; without the Light of the Holy Spirit, God will not be knowledgeable to you but will remain hidden; yes, it is not the fruit of the intellectual mind but a divine infusion, given by grace into the soul who has been transfigured to love; in another level you find poverty of the soul; this soul is the carrier of the Word because in its poverty the soul possesses Me, and My Kingdom is hers; in the nothingness of such a soul, I solely exist; 4 I solely am her Master and all …

      then, on that same spiritual foundation there are other levels; there is a level of which a Divine union between the creature and the Creator takes place; captivated by the Godhead’s Perfect and Divine Beauty, the soul voluntarily succumbs into God’s fiery embrace; at this Divine conquest by the Creator, for a conquest and a triumph it is; I invade the soul entirely and with delight I unveil just barely, so as not to frighten her, My Holy Face to her; the soul, upon seeing, even though in a dim light, My Holy Face, she realizes, in her awakening that she does not stand far from the confines of the eternal and the beatific vision; bewildered and trembling to have seen My Glory and aware of the luminous light that suddenly surrounds her, she joins voluntarily and intertwines herself with Me, becoming one with Me, her God and Creator …

      in the soul’s total surrender, I who am the Giver of Light, the Giver of Life, the Giver of Love and the Giver of all Gifts, bring her into all these Divine enrichments while I would be addressing her soul in poetry and religion; ah, Vassula, what then will I not do for that soul! Wisdom will be her daily companion, her crown of joy;

      it is written: any soul who fears the Lord, this soul “will be received like a virgin bride;”5 after having abandoned herself, soul and body to Me, her Creator and being now part of Me; I then, as a Spouse who delights in his bride will see to it that she would lack nothing; I will start, in the next level, providing her so impoverished soul, and will at the same time, give her an oath to keep, after having prepared her in a sublime way, and that would be to follow the Spouse unconditionally; accompanying Me wherever I go;

      then as a Spouse who loves his bride, I will express My Divine Love by adorning My bride with the most exquisite jewels that cannot be found on earth, but that come from the stores of heaven; I will in My intimate union, adorn her with Myself invigorating her soul, thus, to a mutual faithfulness and understanding between us; suddenly, the whole world would fade away in front of her eyes; she has found her freedom … she has found her God … and in this flight into freedom she will declare:

      “the world now is an exile, I am not in it but neither am I near it; my soul, Lover of mankind, is overcome with an incessant longing for Your rulings; now, Beloved of my soul, I am ready and my heart is set to follow You unconditionally;”

      and I will respond: “walk with Me, and I will school you in My rules of righteousness; I will be your Educator and no one else; I will whisper in your ear the history of all invisible things and inaccessible yet becoming visible and accessible through the Divine teachings of your Master; the Word of Life will be offered to you, freely …”

      after having been schooled with righteousness I shall lift your soul to the next level; the level in which before your birth you were called, this one in which the Holy Spirit elevates you with His grace to be part of My Salvific Plan, and makes out of you an apostle; I will show you at that level the way I had taken for My Passion; since you would be serving Me, you would serve Me with passion; I would send you to patrol the world and proclaim the Truth; I would ask you to christianize this dechristianized generation and destroy the tower of Babel, bringing all the apostates in there who were worshipping Baal to repent; all of this you will do with My Cross in one hand and the rosary in the other …

      and you, daughter, as you are carrying My seed, keep seeding vigorously; do I not know all that you say? let Me confide you this: like torrents of water My Tears swell in My Eyes to see you struggling among dried up and scattered bones; as any father who would see this image of gloom of his offspring and would suffer, I too, as a Father to you, suffer; this image afflicts Me when I watch the child I have raised up in My Kingly Courts to be plagued6 by the dead in the valley of death; your heritage is in the land of the living, but I have created you and instructed you with holy Wisdom to teach mankind all over again My acts of power and the majestic glory of My Sovereignty! to remind them that I act only out of Love and Mercy; in that matter any scourge falling on this generation is no more than the reproofs of Mercy;

  • September 13, 2002
    • Jesus says: have I not declared in the Scriptures, My Fire? have I not declared it several times in this Ode?9 although your spirit in its sinfulness will shrivel with fear and with unbearable pain when recognizing Me, at the same time I will be exuding My Fragrance and your soul, in My Presence, although terrified upon seeing itself naked and in decay from sin and transgression, from not following My Law of Love, will delight that I, her Creator and her God, is visiting her;

      when this day comes upon you, the day I call the Day of the Lord, the scales covering your eyes will fall off and you will look at your real self; My Fire will reduce you to nothing in your dismay; but, do not gasp with fear, be of good cheer, for how else would you see yourself by My side? any remaining evil tendencies will be rendered inactive; this purification is to turn your soul not to venture here and there aimlessly, but to Me who am your sole divine Bridegroom;

      I do not think that many of you have understood what the Day of the Lord means; when the voice of the bird is silenced and song notes are still, know that I will call in this silence all your hidden deeds, good or bad, to judgement; the Day of the Lord can be compared to a mini tribunal; a Purification by My Fire that will lead your soul into My Glory and into a perfect union with Me;

      when a soul is horribly defiled by sin, repugnant to Me and to My Angels, Saints and holy ones, My visit will put her10 into agonizing pains and she will not escape My Day; how else am I to render your soul incorruptible and free from sin? how else am I to bring those souls to repentance? only when I strip them naked with My Fire and they see themselves in what state they are in, only then will they realize how they were the possession of Satan;

      in those whom My Divine Fire will be blazing, purifying them, by this immaterial Fire, I will consume them awakening them and making them finally aware of how they are being transformed; transformed with pain but with joy as well, by the Love of My transforming Fire;

      anyone who in body and soul already possess Me and I possess him, the Day of the Lord shall not come upon him nor will he experience it; why? because the Holy Spirit already had made His passage felt in them; they have had the Day of the Lord come upon them; you can call that Day as well, the Day of My Visitation; after that Day, repentance and obedience to My Law of Love will be the theme of those I will regenerate by My Fire; I will soften the souls that are like rock now and warm the hearts that are like ice, and at once My Presence will be felt in their resurrection;11

  • September 30, 2002
    • Jesus says: “in My own household, that is now scattered I will advance in there; I will separate the haughty and proud hearts from the pure of heart; just like one separates goats from sheep; you have been told to observe My Law and My decrees, and you were asked to repent wholeheartedly; the purification has already started and some of you were already visited by Me; have you forgotten your words in your alarm when you exclaimed in agony: “I have been snatched in Your Fire Lord!” at last admitting your guilt, with groans of repentance?

      as for those who have not yet received My visitation many torments await them, the Day of the Lord will come upon them too, and what a day that will be! I shall be swift to show My Mercy, provided you repent … I will show My Mercy and gather all of you from everywhere under heaven; but before that, I, the Author of this Love Hymn tell you, unless the world in its wickedness turns to Me, repenting, rendering love for evil, what can happen to you all will outline all historical records of purification!”

    • Jesus says: “there is no fervent repentance, no real compunction … the nations are in uproar, and their achievements are the measure of their godlessness … all the earth will suffer unless I hear a true cry of repentance; ah, and those who stand up on platforms proclaiming peace and how, and in which way one has to establish peace among themselves, when these very ones are transgressing My commandments and are at war with Me, how do they expect in their right mind to bring peace?

      do not despair though, in the end, salvation will come from the Triune God; the One you keep rejecting, godless generation, in the end you will live in peace; the God who is enthroned above will enforest you and My Spirit will flow continuously like a lustrous stream in dry lands; I will fill all things in My own Light, in this Light I will remove the darnel from the wheat; as I have said to you, I will separate the goats from the sheep;

      those who will find themselves outside My Divine Light, will be to them inaccessible and invisible, and only darkness will be their dwelling; but those who will find themselves inside My Divine Light will be blessed, and will be light themselves inside My Light; I will encompass them emparting them in My own brightness; the more pure the soul, the more brighter she will be; happy the man whose fault is forgiven, whose sin is blotted out; happy the man whom I accuse of no guilt, whose spirit is incapable of deceit!

      tell your generation that God is here, with you all … ic”