Taking a small step towards Christian Unity

“tell those who work for unity to look up at the skies; see how far they are from the earth? this is how far their hearts are from one another; this is how far they are apart; when will they all pass a decree by unanimous vote to celebrate the feast of Easter all in one date?

I am weary of hearing their noble language, perhaps it is suitable and eloquent for them but to Me it sounds like a stroke on a gong, because it is empty with emptiness; I have come to talk to them, first, out of concern, then out of pity, but no one yet to this day has lowered his voice to hear My Voice; “ December 21 1992

You can take a small step towards Christian Unity by signing the petition to unite the Dates of Easter at www.onedate.org that Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox would celebrate this Feast of Feasts all on One Date.

Why Vote to Celebrate Easter all in one date?
Simply, because as one Christian family we are divided on this matter and our division is a sin. When we cannot agree to celebrate the Feast of the Resurrection on the same day, how can we hope to be a sign of Peace and Unity to the world?

There is also a downloadable petition kit that you can take along to Unity Week events.

“How can we be credible in speaking of a God of love if we remain separate?” Brother Alois, prior of the ecumenical Taize community said in his meditation at a televised prayer service on 30 December 2007 at Geneva’s Palexpo exhibition centre.


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