What do we have to offer God?

Did you ever wonder what we, mere dust and ashes, can offer God? After all, He is All-Sufficient and Perfect and there is nothing that He lacks. Yet God is most pleased when we offer Him our heart.

Jesus says:

if you say: “what can we offer You now?” I tell you: “offer Me your heart, and I shall help your lack of faith, open your heart and I shall turn it into a heaven for Me, your God, and in which I can be glorified;

come and eat from the fruit I am offering you today while there is still time; come to Me; your Master is well on the road of return, this is why I am telling you: make peace with Me and be one in My Name;
(Feb 1, 1995)

Blessed be Your Holy Name Lord God. May our heart always belong to You and may we always thirst for union with You, Dear Beloved Father. Amen.


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